VideoTeleconferencing (VTC) for WFH and Hybrid Organizations

Mar 28, 2022 | Audiovisual

No, Teams® and Zoom® aren’t the only options.

We’re all a little tired of hearing it by now, but we’ll say it for posterity’s sake. COVID changed everything. For those of us who have spent the last two years working from home or as part of on-site skeleton teams – even those whose workplaces haven’t changed (and you are just working with everyone else who is working differently), it’s all been a game of adapt and move on.


Well, maybe not entirely. While employers primarily worried about declining productivity with work-from-home or hybrid teams, research conducted by LucidSpark showed that employees said team collaboration was the factor that suffered most during the pandemic. A multitude of factors contributed to this feeling — most notably, and unsurprisingly, the actual loss of physical interaction.

Making people feel like they are still part of their team requires more than a screen, though.

Where mainstream collaboration tools are perfectly adequate for check-ins or one-to-ones, they cannot simulate the true feeling of sitting next to someone at the table. Being able to read a colleague’s body language, look into their eyes, and truly connect over any number of critical issues or desired goals is an unparalleled experience.

Productivity and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Savvy businesses have long understood that a healthy collaborative culture spurs the best ideas and leads to the highest level of execution. The companies that are thriving know that they need to lean in to, not fight, the need to create (or reimagine existing) spaces in light of a more dispersed workforce. And that’s where an audio visual partner can truly add the most value.

What if your boardroom was designed and outfitted to actually bring people, regardless of their physical location, around the table? Imagine your training room being a dynamic hub where knowledge and energy were exchanged seamlessly.

Professional AV Engineers, like Pershing Technologies, help organizations create collaboration spaces tailored to their specific operational needs. Using their hands-on expertise Pershing provides commissioning services to validate the configuration and programming and ensuring end users can operate it according to the original design intent. It starts with a full understanding of what the AV setup needs to enable, accomplish and encourage. Pershing then pairs that with a full design and master plan to account for all of the technical requirements, as well as the usability and aesthetic needs of the team and the organization.

Effective collaboration involves nuance and influence, flexibility and resolve. It’s energy, it’s discourse, it’s alignment and it’s pride. But most importantly, it’s people. Their ability to communicate, to connect and to create is one of the most vital elements of the day-to-day work experience.

Your goals demand spaces that do more than just work for you. They should also work with you — facilitating true, desperately desired collaboration that maximizes the abilities of your team, moving you ever closer towards achieving what matters most.

What is

Commissioning is the configuration of audio visual programs and solutions to meet the design intent, especially for boardrooms, training rooms and other collaboration spaces within organizations. Many companies will install equipment, or they will plan a space and leave the rest to the end user to “figure out.”

Pershing believes in partnerships — ones where we come alongside the organization and its vendors to develop the master plan and see the project through implementation and complete the engagement with programming and commissioning support to ensure the set-up works for the people using the system day-in and day-out.

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