AV Leaders Pershing Technologies and ITI Systems Celebrate a Decade of Partnership

Aug 30, 2022 | Press Release

The two Maryland-based companies have completed over 125 audiovisual projects serving enterprise organizations, higher education, finance, government, and more.

Pershing Technologies, an audiovisual consulting firm specializing in the design and configuration of leading-edge collaboration technology, is proud to celebrate 10 years of partnership with ITI Systems.

Since 2012, Pershing and ITI have worked together on over 125 projects, blending complementary skillsets to solve complex technical challenges and engineer state-of-the-art audiovisual experiences. The Maryland-based firms are both comprised of small, close-knit teams regarded by clients and connections as the best in the business.

“Collaboration is central to everything we do — not just in the solutions we provide, but in how we implement them,” said Matt Jackson, President, Pershing Technologies. “We would not be where we are today without a strong sense of respect for each other’s business models, expertise, and offerings. Together, we’re a force multiplier.”

The partners originally hit their stride with a Veterans Administration project demanding wide-ranging AV expertise. Pershing supported the project through design, programming, and commissioning, while ITI led hardware installation. To date, the VA projects have resulted in close to 3,000 display installations for hospitals across the county.

Through ten years of partnership, Pershing and ITI have become extensions of each other. By combining their teams’ areas of specialty, Pershing and ITI have successfully completed projects for top organizations worldwide, including NBC Universal, Georgetown University, Fiserv, and Comcast. Their work takes them across the globe, and extensive time spent in collaboration fosters mutual respect, cooperation, and a shared sense of humor.

“When we come up against late nights, tight deadlines, or difficult project parameters, it is a respect for each other’s businesses — for the other’s professionalism and character — that reminds us we can handle anything that’s thrown our way,” said Adam Weiner, President, ITI Systems. “Developing solutions for our customers is a shared passion, but the lifelong memories we create in the process point to a level of compatibility that’s difficult to find elsewhere.”

About Pershing Technologies

Pershing Technologies is an audiovisual consulting firm specializing in the design and configuration of leading-edge, network-centric collaboration technology. Pershing’s capabilities span project concept through implementation and ongoing post-project support, providing audiovisual systems design, on-site implementation and commissioning, security consulting, and project management. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, the team travels globally to provide hands-on support and oversight — from start to end user. To learn more, visit www.pershingtech.com.

About ITI Systems

ITI Systems is an AV systems integration company that prides itself on reliability. We have provided complex solutions for Fortune 500 firms, federal agencies, high-traffic financial institutions, and elite universities. In over a decade of operations, ITI has never missed a project deadline. Regardless of obstacles, ITI completes the mission. To learn more, visit https://www.itisystems.com/.

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