Repurposing Rooms: Creating In-Office Studios Can Improve Business Operations, And Make for Happier Employees

Sep 6, 2022 | Audiovisual

Companies are reimagining spaces post-pandemic, encouraging collaboration and giving voice to their most important asset — their people.

According to DemandSage, a leader in all things digital trends, podcast listenership will increase to 424 million people by the end of 2022. That’s up from 383 million at the start of the year. Like video, podcast popularity continues to rise, as topics, formats and access all continue to expand.

So what does this have to do with regular businesses who are staying laser focused on their product or service offering? Potentially a lot.

Over the past 12 months, Pershing Tech has assisted several clients looking to adapt their spaces post-pandemic. With many workforces — or groups within a workforce — hybrid or remaining work-from-home, companies need to figure out how to best use “dead space” like small conference rooms, former multi-person offices and even some open air workspaces. One of the most popular choices is to create fully-equipped audio-visual enabled studios.

Yes, like a podcast studio.

Pershing’s engineers have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with planning, designing and commissioning studio spaces.

Just last year, a Pershing engineer assisted with Spotify’s build of a sprawling podcast campus in the Los Angeles Arts District.

But studios aren’t just for today’s music recording artists or early morning podcast hosts. They aren’t only best suited for Hollywood or reality TV stars’ home offices. Studios, and the audio visual capabilities they offer, have a multitude of practical business functions, including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced and interactive presentations, with recording and playback technology
  • Small team collaboration, with remote “side-by-side” technology
  • Interviewing, onboarding & offboarding for HR Teams
  • Sales pitch & product video creation
  • Training & education seminars, podcasts and webinars
  • Marketing content creation
  • Keynote speakers and subject matter expert Q&As

Even more, some companies are choosing to diversify their revenue by redesigning spaces no longer used by their staffs, and renting or subletting their new studios to local creators, artists, or podcasters. Within a few months of renovations, they often have recovered costs and can begin to see a return on the reinvestment in the spaces they own or rent. This, in turn, can create more opportunities for growth or expansion.

And true for whoever is using the room, productivity and space design go hand-in-hand. In a 2021 study, 84% of people say working in a coworking space makes them more engaged and motivated. Studios are today’s coworking spaces, equipped with audio and visual solutions that best cater to a team’s needs, technological expectations, and desire to feel connected. And if people want to be at the office — if they feel inspired in the spaces they use — they do better work.

In a 2021 study, 84% of people say working in a coworking space makes them more engaged and motivated.

Studio spaces can be installed just about anywhere with the right planning. Buying a bunch of equipment from Amazon might sound tempting. But it’s often a disaster, and a failure of epic proportions.

Luckily, determining how best to use the space is something our team can help establish during a SparkSession, a no obligation brainstorming session with our engineers and project planners where we take all the possibilities and help turn them into tangible plans and to-do’s.

Working with an architect, facilities or property management team? No problem. We can slide in, pick up where they left off, or join them to outfit the space(s) with the right audio and visual solutions. Every project has a dedicated project manager and on-site consultation to ensure that what you envision comes to life — and is optimized for usability.

From soundproofing to displays, from equipment programming to “always on” technology, our team brings the best and brightest minds to your project. Each member of our team offers their unique experience across the corporate world and specialized industries such as education, healthcare, entertainment and more. And we match the best people to your specific needs.

So whether you have a small conference room that’s no longer in use, or a large space that you want to breathe life back into, Pershing Tech can help you create a Studio space that keeps your business buzzing and your people connected.

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