Your Next AV Project MUST Have This One Element to Succeed.

Oct 6, 2022 | Audiovisual

Audiovisual (AV) components are critical in today’s business world. AV technology allows you to communicate effectively and seamlessly with customers and employees, no matter where they are. But with the current slowdown in the global supply chain, it’s more important than ever to have an independent specialist on your team.

You’ve been working with audiovisual equipment manufacturers or wholesalers and your delivery dates keep getting pushed and pushed and pushed. The AV elements of your project are becoming more and more delayed (and expensive), and the entire project is in danger of going off course as the weeks pass without a straight answer or reliable information.

Sound familiar?

Yes, we know it is not a function of manufacturers or suppliers wanting to mislead or set unrealistic expectations. But rather, the unpredictability of the supply chain is putting pressure on these companies, and in turn, they need to choose between keeping the customer or keeping their word. It’s a tough position for everyone. But, at Pershing Tech, we purposefully stay independent from the suppliers and equipment providers so your projects can stay calibrated for completion.

Having an experienced, independent specialist can help achieve success in the midst of the supply chain slowdown — or at any time! Independent AV consultants, like those at Pershing Tech, can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to navigate the challenges and respond quickly to changing conditions. Sometimes this means redesigning a space, or part of a space, to accommodate equipment that can be procured in the right time frame. Our consultants and engineers can help you select the right products and suppliers to ensure that your project stays on track and on budget.

Planning & Program Management for AV Project Success

Supply chain slowdowns are not the only time when you can take advantage of the time and cost savings that independent specialists can help create.

As a partner, Pershing comes alongside your team and advocates for you – striving to keep your best interests and needs at the forefront of every recommendation and decision we make.

We never take a cut of the equipment sales; we don’t get paid to use a certain brand or supplier.

Our professional program management team provides objective leadership and program oversight throughout all aspects of the project.

So that no matter the size, scope, length, or complexity, our goal is to provide detailed communication throughout the duration of the contract and deliver consistent and straightforward results. By collaborating with our expert designers, programmers, and commissioning engineers, we can help determine the technology that will meet both your current needs as well as provide a long-term plan for future implementations.

Don’t risk your next AV project — make sure you have the right specialist on your team. Contact us today to learn more about our services. Or request a SparkSession, an interactive, no obligation and no-cost session designed to translate your vision into tangible AV needs.

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