From the initial project concept through implementation and ongoing post-project support, Pershing is a full-service organization providing audiovisual systems design, on-site implementation and commissioning, security consulting, as well as project management.

Technology Master Planning

In many cases, our customers are building new spaces and don’t yet know what the design will or should be. Through our Technology Master Planning, we are able to give them a high level view of what they need from a planning perspective. At this level, we can help determine the technology that will meet their current needs as well as a provide a long-term assessment for future implementations.


Program Management

At Pershing Technologies, we believe that client advocacy should always be our first mission, and we strive to keep our clients’ interests and needs at the forefront of every recommendation and decision we make. Our professional program management team provides senior leadership and program oversight throughout all aspects of the project. No matter the size, scope, length, or complexity, our goal is to provide detailed communication throughout the duration of the contract and deliver consistent and straightforward results. By collaborating with our expert engineers, systems integrators and other staff, we are able to effectively stay focused on our mission.


Consulting & Design

One of the most important aspects of our process is listening to our customers’ needs. We can specify the most innovative technology available, but if we don’t have a deep understanding of the organization's vision and operational needs, users will not receive the full value of the solution. Requirements gathering is at the forefront of all of our consulting and design recommendations. Each end user has its own set of concerns and limitations, ranging from existing infrastructure to budgetary restrictions. Pershing recognizes that there is always more than just the technology that we need to take into consideration.


Programming / Commissioning

Although specifying the right hardware design is certainly important to a successful outcome, Pershing has always recognized that the same design can be programmed in many different ways and will have a significant impact on the final customer approval.  Pershing is unique in that our engineering staff has the expertise and willingness to configure and program our solutions so they meet the original design intent. That knowledge easily extends into our commissioning process where we thoroughly test and document each system functionality before asking our customers to accept and take ownership.


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