Commercial, government, healthcare, and educational projects all have unique design requirements. After years of experience and requirements gathering for various lines of business, Pershing has been able to identify and integrate sustainable solutions for each of these into our workflow and offerings.

Design Considerations Healthcare

The dynamics of the healthcare industry are changing as technology opens the doors for people to have access to new medications, new procedures and more opportunities to live longer lives. With these great leaps come the challenges of creating better ways to communicate information to patients and doctors, as well as to protect the sensitive personal data that is so readily available. Pershing has stepped up to the challenge and has immersed itself in the healthcare arena to stay ahead of the curve and help provide the best technological and secure solutions for this industry.


Our Latest Healthcare Project

Pershing Technologies has completed several projects at Montgomery College - a Nursing Simulation Laboratory, Physical Therapy Classroom, Radiology Simulation Laboratory, and Sonography Laboratory.

Our Latest Healthcare Project

Design Considerations Education

Our customers in the Education sector have their own unique needs, as well. Technology is ever-changing the way students learn and the variety of online teaching tools available is growing everyday. This presents a crucial requirement to provide flexibility in and out of a traditional classroom environment, and the audiovisual needs can vary tremendously.


Our Latest Education Project

Pershing Technologies provided audiovisual design, programming, and configuration services for the Georgetown Law Flegal Moot Courtroom.  The Moot Courtroom is utilized for simulated court hearings and includes a judge's bench, plaintiff table, defendant table, lectern, and witness stand. 

Our Latest Education Project

Design Considerations Government

Since our start in 2009, Pershing Technologies has specialized in designing systems that operate within the unique constraints of federal civilian and DoD security regulations. Whether it is designing an enterprise-wide military headquarters, multi-classification collaboration solution or a 24x7 Command Center, Pershing Technologies has a vast amount of experience in the government sector, and has provided long-term, sustainable solutions for several government and DoD agencies across the world.


Our Latest Government Project

Pershing Technologies provided audiovisual design and programming services for the renovation of an Operations Center located within a secure United States military bunker.  The room was renovated and upgraded to better support decision-making efforts through improved communications and workflow.

Our Latest Government Project

Design Considerations Commercial

AV collaboration technologies are an essential part of today’s business environment. At Pershing, we understand the unique factors and business requirements necessary for a successful AV design. We provide scalable and user-friendly solutions so our clients can effectively communicate internally and externally.


Our Latest Commercial Project

Pershing Technologies provided audiovisual design services for an NGO Boardroom which is used for large internal meetings and conferences, panel discussions, and videoconferencing sessions.

Our Latest Commercial Project

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