Our customers in the Education sector have their own unique needs, as well. Technology is ever-changing the way students learn and the variety of online teaching tools available is growing everyday. This presents a crucial requirement to provide flexibility in and out of a traditional classroom environment, and the audiovisual needs can vary tremendously.

  • Collaboration

    One of the biggest changes on college campuses today is the ability to collaborate inside and outside of the classroom, providing more options for students and a variety of teaching methods for the professor. Through the use of advanced audiovisual technologies, we can stream classroom lectures online, allowing students to capture and view the learning materials anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s real time streaming or On Demand, the extensibility of the classroom is a great benefit to both teachers and students.

  • BYOD/Bring Your Own Device

    Students today want the flexibility to use their own devices in the classroom now more than ever. With the variety of tablets, phones, and computers growing each day, colleges have been faced with the challenge of providing universal connectivity options for these devices campus wide. Pershing has the expertise and experience to provide these diverse capabilities. Our staff will help forecast the types of audiovisual and technological interfaces needed to enhance the learning environment throughout the University. 

Education Project

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