Design Considerations


Since our start in 2009, Pershing Technologies has specialized in designing systems that operate within the unique constraints of federal civilian and DoD security regulations. Whether it is designing an enterprise-wide military headquarters, multi-classification collaboration solution or a 24×7 Command Center, Pershing Technologies has a vast amount of experience in the government sector, and has provided long-term, sustainable solutions for several government and DoD agencies across the world.


Security is always one of the most important issues for our government clients. Pershing ensures that our designs take into account the Approved Product List for a given agency and that we strictly adhere to classification isolation and data protection measures to safeguard our country’s classified information.

Combined with our certified Information Assurance experts, Pershing’s engineering team helps to navigate our clients through the labyrinth of information security certification and accreditation processes required for government customers.

Operations Center

Pershing Technologies understands the operational environments of our mission critical Command Center clients and we excel at providing the best technology available, tailored to their individual needs. We know the importance of putting the right information in the right person’s hands and take great care to document and implement systems based on their Concept of Operation (CONOPS). Providing systems that facilitate real-time situational awareness and decision-making is a staple of our engineering methodology within Command Center environments.

Government Project

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