Design Considerations


The dynamics of the healthcare industry are changing as technology opens the doors for people to have access to new medications, new procedures and more opportunities to live longer lives. With these great leaps come the challenges of creating better ways to communicate information to patients and doctors, as well as to protect the sensitive personal data that is so readily available. Pershing has stepped up to the challenge and has immersed itself in the healthcare arena to stay ahead of the curve and help provide the best technological and secure solutions for this industry.

Patient Privacy

Patient privacy is a priority in the healthcare arena. As we implement audiovisual systems for our healthcare clients, protecting patient privacy and ensuring HIPAA Compliance are at the forefront of all designs. HIPAA Compliance requires specific security measures around patient information, the transmission of patient data, and the integrity of the data, so knowing the regulations and how they relate to the audiovisual needs of our healthcare professionals is essential.

Interactive Patient Care

Using new and innovative technologies, Pershing is helping to put the standard patient room television to even greater use. In dozens of hospitals, Pershing has made on-demand movies more readily accessible to patients, as well as pertinent information about the status of their visit, all through an interactive touch screen. Pershing designs and implements solutions that increase the effectiveness and transmission of important healthcare information and instructions specific to a patient’s care plan.

Broadcast Level Cameras/Telemedicine

Audiovisual technology is connecting people all over the world. Whether it’s in the classroom or in an operating room, the capabilities are providing access to audiovisual information, which is expanding healthcare resources and its reach across the globe in positive ways. Surgeries are being filmed for teaching purposes, doctors from across the country can be teleconferenced into an operating room to give advice on a surgery in real-time, and people in other regions are accessing information that was never available to them before. Pershing’s audiovisual experience in healthcare is providing patients with real-time access to the best doctors and surgical techniques.

Healthcare Project

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