Department of Defense (DoD) NDU Multicampus AV Tech Modernization

Washington, D.C. & Norfolk, VA

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Key Features and Facts

Pershing Technologies spearheaded a comprehensive modernization project for the National Defense University (NDU), a vital institution sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) dedicated to educating joint warfighters. The project encompassed ten auditoriums across NDU’s two campuses: Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. and Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia.


Modernizing for Strategic Advantage

Pershing Technologies’ role involved the engineering and design of a customized modernization strategy for each auditorium. This included the selection and specification of cutting-edge audiovisual systems tailored to enhance NDU’s ability to deliver world-class education and training. Following the design phase, Pershing Technologies’ skilled technicians expertly programmed and commissioned these new systems, ensuring seamless operation upon completion.


Strengthening Warfighter Readiness

By modernizing their audiovisual infrastructure, NDU empowers educators to create a more engaging and dynamic learning environment, directly supporting NDU’s mission of fostering critical thinking and the effective application of military power.


Project Scope:

  • 2 Campuses
    • North Campus: Fort McNair, Washington D.C.
    • South Campus: Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA
  • 10 Auditoriums Modernized
    • 7 at North Campus
    • 3 at South Campus
  • Two Auditorium Types
    • Auditorium Type ‘A’ — Large auditorium with full broadcast and production capabilities including video production switcher, multi-camera control, audio consoles, multiple control rooms, and a large dvLED video wall at 1.56 pixel pitch at 4K resolution.
    • Auditorium Type ‘B’ — Small auditorium or presentation/classroom space with single control room including touch panel-based audiovisual switching system with smaller dvLED video wall at 1.25 pixel pitch at 1080p resolution.

for Nerds

dVLED tiles

comprise colorful, vibrant mosaics with ultra-fine detail to produce immersive, eye-catching visuals.

AVoIP endpoints

enable flexible signal distribution and control throughout the meeting facilities.

technology types

including cameras, digital signage, video walls, audio consoles, microphones, loudspeakers, and production switchers power the new AV/IT infrastructure.

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