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Pershing Technologies undertook a major renovation of a global health organization’s premier conference and meeting facilities in Washington, D.C. The client’s primary goal was to modernize the technology infrastructure to meet the scaled demands of a global organization. Requirements included enabling seamless hybrid meetings—a combination of in-person and remote participants—across two large conference rooms, a public atrium, an auditorium, and a lounge/breakout space.

  • Modernized Technology Infrastructure: Upgraded AV systems to support the communication needs of a global organization.
  • Hybrid Meeting Capabilities: Enabled seamless participation for both in-person and remote attendees in all four meeting spaces.
  • Sophisticated AV Systems:
    • Video routing and production systems for high-quality presentations and video conferencing.
    • Audio mixing and processing for clear and intelligible sound.
    • Conference microphone systems (wired & wireless) to ensure all voices are heard.
    • Simultaneous interpretation systems (wired & wireless) to facilitate multilingual communication.
  • Centralized Control Room: Now provides efficient operation of all major meeting rooms from a single location.
  • Local Control Rooms: Now offer additional control options within each major meeting space.
  • Curved Video Walls (Primary Meeting Room): Enhance the viewing experience for remote participants and provide ample space for content display, as well as video from multiple remote participants joined via video teleconferencing so that each has presence in the room during discussions.

Pershing designed and integrated a comprehensive AV system featuring:

  • Sophisticated video routing and production systems
  • Audio mixing and processing
  • Conference microphone systems (wired & wireless)
  • Simultaneous interpretation systems (wired & wireless)
  • Centralized control room for operating all major meeting rooms
  • Local control rooms in each major meeting space
  • Curved video walls in the primary meeting room to enhance remote participant presence and content display

A Multidisciplinary, Cross-functional Collaboration

Pershing Technologies



Architect Team


for Nerds

linear feet of curved video walls

provide an immersive viewing experience for both in-person and remote participants.

AVoIP endpoints

enabling flexible signal distribution and control throughout the meeting facilities.

language channels supported

facilitate multilingual communication for international events.

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