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Pershing Technologies has completed several projects at Montgomery College – a Nursing Simulation Laboratory, Physical Therapy Classroom, Radiology Simulation Laboratory, and Sonography Laboratory.

Nursing Simulation Laboratory

The Nursing Simulation Laboratory is used for training and simulations of various tasks and scenarios related to the nursing school program at Montgomery College. Pershing was tasked with designing and implementing a new master control station where an instructor or supervisor could easily monitor and interact with each of the seven simulated patient rooms.

Pershing leveraged the existing streaming media infrastructure from each patient room to develop an efficient and cost-effective solution for a master control station, without the need to pull significant amounts of new cable or add additional equipment to each room. A multi view processor capable of decoding H.264 streams was specified and installed and connected to two high-resolution displays for monitoring the streams from each room. A touch panel was specified and installed so that the instructor is able to select the desired room to display full-screen as well as to route two-way audio in order to interact with students via headset. Pershing developed an elegant and intuitive user interface for the touch panel so that instructors can focus more time and thought on the simulations and less time on the technology that they are interacting with. The end result was an efficient solution allowing a single instructor to monitor multiple simulations rather than requiring a dedicated instructor per-room.

Physical Therapy Classroom

The Physical Therapy classroom was equipped with an easy-to-use lecture capture system. A Pershing-developed user interface was implemented on an iPad for control over all system functions, including recording start and stop, device control including display power and volume, and camera pan/tilt/zoom functions. HD PTZ cameras were specified to provide high quality capture of presenters, and an HD recording/streaming appliance was specified to allow for simple and efficient simultaneous capture of camera video and presentation content. The system also allowed for local image magnification (IMAG) to facilitate the demonstration of therapy techniques and procedures that would not otherwise be visible by participants towards the rear of the rooms.

Radiology Simulation Laboratory

The Radiology Simulation Laboratory was equipped with an audiovisual system to enable simple and intuitive capture of simulation events, as well as the ability to provide overflow video to maximize use of space. Pershing specified new HD PTZ cameras with IP control, allowing them to be controlled from an iPad used within the space. The iPad was also configured to control other functions including record start/stop and display control. A streaming/recording appliance was specified to facilitate simple, local recording on USB flash memory with options to migrate to an automated enterprise workflow. Wireless microphones were specified and configured for facilitation of overflow audio and recording.

Sonography Laboratory

Pershing worked with Montgomery College staff to develop a solution for simulation capture that would integrate well into its workflow and daily operation. The solution centered on an iMac located within the suite that is used for control and recording management. Pershing specified a streaming/recording appliance enabling users to record and stream in the industry standard H.264 format, meaning that editing and sharing would be simple and efficient. New HD PTZ cameras were specified to capture students and participants during simulations, along with a dedicated hardware camera controller for fine control over camera functions. A ceiling microphone was specified for capture of audio throughout the space.

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