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Never a one-size-fits-all solution with Pershing. We feel strongly that from security concerns to actual business goals, your collaboration spaces should enable work the way you do it — not the way a tool makes you do it.

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Our engineers come on-site and project manage the AV portion of the project — for you or with your internal and external teams and vendors.

The Right Audio Visual Set-Up Can Transform Your Team’s Productivity & Morale

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We can build user-friendly rooms that allow for 24/7 collaboration without the need for tech support or monitoring.

From Start to End User

No, this isn’t an equipment purchase. We design and implement complete audio visual set-ups to precision for your existing facilities or new spaces. We dream with you, then build it for the people who will actually be using it.

We’re proud to develop cutting-edge audiovisual solutions for the world’s most innovative companies and organizations.

Georgetown Law

Johns Hopkins University

The World Bank Group

COVID changed collaboration. Make sure your organization courses on into the new era.

We have visualized solutions for:

Clinical sites

Medical training programs


Assisted living facilities

Courtrooms and prisons

Fitness and therapy centers

Performing arts studios

Market research facilities

Case Study

Discover how world-class musicians practiced in perfect harmony — while apart.

The Challenge

As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic set in, the students and faculty at the Peabody Institute encountered a unique obstacle: the technical and physiological demands of their craft were fundamentally incompatible with masking and social distancing. Under new health and safety mandates, how could they recreate the experience and quality of music lessons when the student and teacher could not be in the same physical space?

The Approach

The engineers at Pershing Technologies, creators of ULLIE, were commissioned to design a high-caliber audiovisual system to enable real-time collaboration. They took time to gain a deep understanding of the problem, conducted extensive research, and began work on a fully-custom solution.

The Solution

The final setup comprised:

  • 12 practice rooms, each made 1:1 connectable to all other rooms
  • 4K60 displays to mimic full-height mirrors typical of traditional practice rooms
  • Imperceptibly low latency audio for true real-time collaboration
  • Studio-quality speakers and adjustable lighting
  • User-friendly, always-on interface

“When I found out that they were testing this equipment for a scenario where we would not be wearing headphones, I was ecstatic. The solution creates the closest alternative that allows our students to train to be the best classical singers they can be.”

Ah Young Hong

Associate Professor of Voice
The Peabody Institute
of The Johns Hopkins University

The Outcome

ULLIE enabled true collaboration when physical presence wasn’t an option. For the first time during the pandemic, the musicians at the Peabody Institute could learn, instruct, and perform together — live and in synchrony, as if standing side by side.

“The faculty and students have shown enthusiasm in the solution and it has provided them with an alternative that is the next best thing to being in the room together.”

Theron Feist

IT Director
The Peabody Institute
of The Johns Hopkins University

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