Government Project

Colorado Springs, CO

Services Provided

Tech Master Planning

AV Consulting and Design

Programming and Commissioning

By the Numbers

workstations with touch panel control

personal computers

video wall displays

desktop displays

video conferencing codecs

Key Features and Facts

  • A knowledge wall consisting of (20) 55” LCDs configured in a 10W x 2H array is centered at the front of the room. A mixture of dual and single monitor workstations are capable of sharing content to the knowledge wall through a multi­-enclave fiber optic audiovisual matrix switch.
  • The Operations Center supports unclassified, classified, and top secret video conferencing using workstation microphones, pan/tilt/zoom video cameras, and overhead loudspeakers.
  • Touch panel based control with a customized and flexible user interface provides an interface to all of the room components as well as each individual workstation.
  • The master touch panel provides the ability to save various room presets that are readily available for planned missions and exercises. The preset features include room classification, video wall routing, workstation source assignments, audio system routing/volume, and lighting.

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