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Pershing Technologies provided audiovisual design and programming services for the renovation of an Operations Center located within a secure United States military bunker. The room was renovated and upgraded to better support decision-making efforts through improved communications and workflow.

A knowledge wall consisting of (20) 55” LCDs configured in a 10W x 2H array is centered at the front of the room. A mixture of dual and single monitor workstations are capable of sharing content to the knowledge wall through a multi­-enclave fiber optic audiovisual matrix switch. The Operations Center also supports unclassified, classified, and top secret video conferencing using workstation microphones, pan/tilt/zoom video cameras, and overhead loudspeakers. Signage displays with custom graphics showing room classification are located both inside and outside of the room. In addition, the inside signage features release state text (SECRET/FVEY, No Foreign, etc); timezone clocks; microphone, camera, speaker and videoconferencing status; and custom text alerts.

Pershing worked very closely with the project architect to coordinate the interior design and finishes to seamless integrate the audiovisual equipment, maximize the viewing angles and sightlines from all locations within the room, and facilitate the human factors and ergonomics of the workstations.

Touch panel based control with a customized and flexible user interface provides an interface to all of the room components as well as each individual workstation. The master touch panel provides the ability to save various room presets that are readily available for planned missions and exercises. The preset features include room classification, video wall routing, workstation source assignments, audio system routing/volume, and lighting.

Each workstation panel allows users to route sources within their Area of Responsibility (AOR) to their desktop displays, and provides a method for ‘publishing’ content to other AORs as required. Sources available to the user can be assigned in real time from the master room touch panel or assigned via the room preset. The system also allows the administrator the ability to add, modify, or change sources and destinations within the room in near real time to allow the necessary flexibility for an ever changing environment.

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