Ultra Low Latency Interactive Experience
@ Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

Services Provided

AV Consulting and Design

AV Programming and Commissioning

End User Training

By the Numbers

Practice Rooms

4K60 Displays

Connectable to all other Rooms

Key Features and Facts

  • This project came to life at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when The Peabody Institute could not have their musicians and educators in the same room without masks. This was obviously a significant challenge for both vocalists and musicians, as masks made their ability to perform nearly or completely impossible.
  • We worked with the Peabody students and staff to get a better understanding of their workflow, curriculum, and typical rehearsal/performance style to get a better understanding of how to design a system to help them.
  • 12 practice rooms, each made 1:1 connectable to all other rooms
  • 4K60 displays to mimic full-height mirrors typical of traditional practice rooms
  • Imperceptibly low latency audio for true real-time collaboration
  • Studio-quality speakers and adjustable lighting
  • User-friendly, always-on interface
  • ULLIE enabled true collaboration when physical presence wasn’t an option. For the first time during the pandemic, the musicians at the Peabody Institute could learn, instruct, and perform together — live and in synchrony, as if standing side by side.

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